Booking, additional Costs, Transaction and Payment

Booking and payment

After I told you the total price, we need a deposit of 25% of the total sum. You can transfer the money to our German or Austrian bank account. The remaining amount needs to be paid before you arrive in Seychelles. Sometimes we also make exceptions and the rest can be paid on the island directly to me or to Christine from the Dive Center. Please give the money only to Christine, because she is the only one with authorization. Christine can also visit you at your apartment to collect the money. In case you we book the flights of ferry for you, the price needs to be paid instantly and directly with the deposit. Don't worry, I will send you email with some more information. 

Extra Costs


Possible in Josie's Cottage, Horizon and House Megan. You can have breakfast at the terrace in the main house at Josie's Cottage. Please let us know if you want to book and have breakfast in advance, so we can arrange everything for you. The costs are 7,50 Euro per breakfast and person. Breakfast can be consumed starting from 8 o'clock. 


Possible in Josie's Cottage, Horizon and House Megan. You can have dinner on the beautiful terrace in the main house at Josie's Cottage. Please let us know if you want to have dinner one day in advance in the morning, so all groceries can be bought freshly. In case you want to try something special or have any other wishes, let us know. Water is free. In case you want something else to drink - please bring it yourself. The costs for dinner are 20 Euro per person. Children under the age of 6 years get dinner for free. Dinner starts at 7 o'clock in the evening. 

Internet , Klimaanlage und Reinigung 

The prices for Internet and electricity are very high on the island.  Therefor we need to charge you some extra money for the usage of air-con and W-LAN. We do make individual final payments for all our guests because not all guests consume the same amount. 

Internet/WLAN costs 3 Euro per day 


1 Air-con costs 3 Euro per day 

2 Air-cons cost (for apartments with two air-cons and usage) 5 Euro per day

House Megan and Rock Heaven (for house and usage) 7,50 Euro per day

For apartments on the other islands (Praslin and La Digue) the air-condition is already included in the price.  

Internet is very expensive. Please don't do any uploads or downloads of pictures with high resolution etc. and don't send those pictures as well. We also recommend you not to use the Skype video function. Also don't download the latest movies or programs - it will take you ages anyways, because the internet can be quite slow sometimes. When you don't use it, please disconnect from the Internet and deactivate updates. The bandwidth is limited. But the Internet is good enough for checking your E-Mails and staying in touch per Whatsapp. 

There is also the possibility to get a Internet-Card for your phone or tablet on the island. We can help you getting it, if you like. The card needs to be registered, therefor you need your passport. 

The air-con needs to be turned off when you leave the apartment. You can cool down the room before you go to sleep but please don't turn on the air-con the whole night because the  sound can disturb other guests sleep. 


We cannot control how much internet or air-con you use, therefor we charge you for the usage on mutual trust. In case I'm on the island, you can calculate the costs by yourself and pay the additional costs for WLAN and air-con directly to me. We wan also take the additional costs into account of the travel price. 

Cleaning – Final Cleaning - sheets and towels

The costs for regularly cleanings, sheets and towels as well as the final cleaning can be paid directly at the accommodation to the cleaning staff at the end of your vacation. Please pay in Rupies following amounts: 

Rooms  500 Rupies (ca 35 Euro)
Apartments  750 Rupies  (ca  53 Euro)
House Megan 1000 Rupien  (ca 70 Euro) 

Pickup Service and Pick-up from the airport 

In case you want to be picked up from the airport, we will send you our taxi drivers to the airport. This is the best way to get to our apartments. The cost are 550 Rupies from the airport to the apartment per drive. You can pay the money directly to the driver. If you are more than 4 persons, we charge 750 Euro per drive.