Island Hopping

Seychelles islands have a lot to offer. If you don’t want to miss out the Vallee de Mai on Praslin, UNESCO natural heritage, and the Anse Sous d’Argent on La Digue  we offer you trips to these amazing islands (on demand we arrange accommodation as well). From the harbor in Victoria you can take the ferry to Praslin and La Digue. 

The prices for a one-way-ticket from Mahé to Praslin range from 50 to 65 Euro per person and from Mahé to La Digue 65-80 Euro per person. The prices depend on the class. Kids under the age of 12 pay half the price. Praslin and La Digue are touristic islands and way smaller than Mahé. That is the reason, why we advise you not to spend your whole holiday on one of those islands.

Don’t forget to bring your ticket/boarding pass and passport with you. The trip by ferry takes about 60 minutes. The ferry from Mahé to Praslin (Cat Coco) has a capacity of 475 passengers. Boarding starts 30 minutes and ends 5 minutes before departure. From Baie Sainte Anne in Praslin the inter island ferries Cat Rose’s I and II (capacity 154 passengers) takes you to La Digue (travel time about 15 minutes). You have to be at the harbour 15 minutes before departure. Cabin Luggage max. 7 kilos and luggage max. 30 kilos. 

On demand we also book the ferry for you. Just tell us the date and time you wish to travel to La Digue and/or Praslin. We will send you the E-tickets, which you get exchanged with your boarding pass at the ferry office (harbour in Victoria). Passport required! Please check if the name on your ticket and your passport number is spelled correctly.    

Here you can download a contact form for Island-Hopping:

Inselhopping.pdf (130.57KB)
Inselhopping.pdf (130.57KB)


Example for a trip to Praslin and La Digue: 

•  You take the ferry in the early morning from Mahé to La Digue and stay there for one night (bed and breakfast). 

•  The next day you continue your trip to Praslin and stay there for one night (bed and breakfast). 

•   The next day you can return to Mahé by ferry.